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Everest North Side Expedition (8848 meters)

Description :

everest, tibetEverest is perhaps the most coveted mountain in the world. The north (Tibetan) side is the least expensive way to climb it, and the dates we have chosen feature the best weather of the year. Our proposed schedule allows for two possible summit attempts and two full descents to the Chinese basecamp at 5200 metres. Our style of climbing is cautious and careful, with excellent leadership, organization, Sherpa climbers, cooks and waiters, tasty food, the best equipment, two full kitchens and basecamp plus advanced basecamp, 6 camps on the mountain, 1000s of metres of fxed line, hundreds of rock ice and snow anchors, top-quality high altitude tents and high altitude stoves, expedition mix gas, and full safety equipment: medical oxygen, gamow bag, and extensive medical kit.

This expedition to Everest maximizes many years of accumulated wisdom of the high Himalaya, a strong record of reaching the top of 8,000ers: Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Shishapangma, and many other 8,000 metre summits, in addition to more than 25 Himalayan expeditions, in all safety, along with an intimate knowledge of the Tibetan and Chinese officials who regulate the permit system.

The trip begins in the ancient and colorful city of Kathmandu. On the Friendship Bridge, border Crossing between Nepal and Tibet. Upon entering Tibet, the clocks immediately go forward by 2 ? hours. Our secondary government liason officer will meet us in Zhangmu. After clearing Tibetan customs and immigration, a Chinese bus takes us up the windy road through the rolling hills to Nyalam town at 3,750 meters, and a basic "hotel". The smaller towns in Tibet are generally simple and rustic places, and this one is no exception. The topography here is quite interesting in that we are perched in the transitional zone where the Tibetan plateau rams into the Himalaya, then drops into the forested valleys and jungles of Nepal, and finally out into the Gangetic plain of the Terai and India. We stay over one extra night in Nyalam, to help adjust to the altitude, and during our "rest-day" in Nyalam, we take advantage of the interesting surroundings to walk to the top of local hills and savor the first glimpses of the Himalayan Giants.
Day   Activity
  1   Arrive Kathmandu & transfer hotel.
  2   Kathmandu Hotel.
  3   Kathmandu Hotel.
  4   Drive Zhangmu, Hotel.
  5   Drive to Naylam, Hotel.
  6   Drive to Tingri, Hotel.
  7   Rest day for Acclimatized.
  8   Drive Chinese Base Camp.
  9   Transfer Yak to Advance Base Camp.
  10   Transfer Yak to Advance Base Camp.
  11   Transfer Yak to Advance Base Camp.
  12   Transfer Yak to Advance Base Camp.
  13   Climbing Period of Everest 8848m.
  14   Climbing Period.
  15   Climbing Period.
  16   Climbing Period.
  17   Climbing Period.
  18   Climbing Period.
  19   Climbing Period.
  20   Climbing Period.
  21   Climbing Period.
  22   Climbing Period.
  23   Climbing Period.
  24   Climbing Period.
  25   Climbing Period.
  26   Climbing Period.
  27   Climbing Period.
  28   Climbing Period.
  29   Climbing Period.
  30   Climbing Period.
  31   Climbing Period.
  32   Climbing Period.
  33   Climbing Period.
  34   Climbing Period.
  35   Climbing Period.
  36   Climbing Period.
  37   Climbing Period.
  38   Climbing Period.
  39   Climbing Period.
  40   Climbing Period.
  41   Climbing Period.
  42   Climbing Period.
  43   Climbing Period.
  44   Climbing Period.
  45   Climbing Period.
  46   Climbing Period.
  47   Climbing Period.
  48   Climbing Period.
  49   Climbing Period.
  50   Drive to Tingri.
  51   rive to Zhanmu.
  52   Drive Border exit and drive to Kathmandu.
  53   Kathmandu.
  54   Kathmandu.
  55   Final Departure.

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Deus $ amount, the deposit representing one third of the total I (we) will settle (ons) the balance when we arrived in Kathmandu.

  • Check that your passport be valid 6 months after your return date from Nepal.

  • Check that you have a health and accident insurance covering any costs in Nepal.

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